About Victor Jung

Victor Jung is a Senior C-Level Executive with over 25 years of expertise in Financial Services, Consumer Products, Real Estate, Media, Food & Beverage and Hospitality industries. Over the course of his career, Jung has held roles of increasing responsibility with a Fortune 500 Company as well as several different advisory positions with industry-leading privately held companies.

These experiences have allowed Victor Jung to develop a diverse skill set and functional expertise in the areas of Finance and Operational Management. His specialties include Mergers and Acquisition, Strategy and Financial Planning, Fund Raising, Business Development, Operational Controls, Cash Management, and Customer Relationship Management.

Victor Jung currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of V Global Holdings, Inc. The global management consulting and financial advisory company is committed to providing innovation strategies for its clients and helping them become high-performance businesses.

In addition to his duties with V Global Holdings, Victor Jung serves as Senior VP of Operations for several restaurants and bars throughout New York City. These locations include Sons Of Essex, Casa Bocado, Petaluma Restaurant, Rochelles, and 205 Club.

As a native New Yorker, Victor Jung truly appreciates the cultural landscape that has surrounded him throughout his life. He takes full advantage of the diverse cuisines available throughout the city and is constantly looking to experience new restaurants.

Victor Jung is also an avid cook who enjoys experimenting with recipes new and old. He enjoys cooking as food has the ability to evoke a response from all five senses, as well as conjure up emotional reactions from those truly passionate about the craft. Cooking affords Victor the opportunity to create a unique experience that can be enjoyed with those whom he has the pleasure of sharing a meal with. Today, Victor Jung continues to push the culinary boundaries and challenge himself to be more creative every time he sets foot in the kitchen.