The Best Classic New York Restaurants

Originally published on From Brooklyn to Manhattan, New York City is filled to the brim with classic diners and some of the oldest eateries in the United States. The city isn’t limited to their renowned pizza and hot dogs. Some of the finest places to eat in NYC also include top-of-the-line steakhouses and hole-in-the-wall … Continue reading The Best Classic New York Restaurants


What is Community Philanthropy and Why is it Important?

Originally published on Traditionally, philanthropy has generally been defined as the act of giving large sums of money to charitable causes, or participating in fundraising activities. Through the years, however, philanthropy has changed as various models have succeeded or failed. Today, philanthropists are just as likely to create their own foundation as write a … Continue reading What is Community Philanthropy and Why is it Important?

Creating an Innovative Office Culture

The world, hyperactive and technologically oriented, is in the midst of an innovation explosion — one that may not slow down ever again, or anytime soon. With new expertise and findings surfacing daily, it’s important to understand how these innovations can work for people and their industries, regardless of what they may be. In order to utilize … Continue reading Creating an Innovative Office Culture